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There is a hidden power within us that performs billions of operations at the same time. We have found a new way to access it! All you need is a mobile phone and a good headphones.

Deep Focus is Safe

Test 10-minute video and audio demos. If your capacity to focus is high and you see the benefits, join our more advanced 35-minute extensive library and innovative program.

First you attend training to raise your focus and suggestion sensitivity above 90 points. Then you enter a new training for higher mental abilities, personal development, creativity and even guided dreams and higher intuition. Usually the whole process is completed within 40 days. It is up to you to continue!

Test Ability to Focus

Measure your level of imagination, focus and sensitivity to suggestion on a scale of 1-100 through our free short tests.

Measure Your Level

Identify your level and join the development program to reach your desired capabilities. All you need is a good headset and a phone.

Break Bad Habits

Get rid of addictions such as smoking, alcohol, obesity and gain new behaviors such as sports, reading, calmness, creativity with Deep Focus

Max Brain Power

For high success and happiness, you must have deep focus, creativity, high sixth sense, self-control, genius, quick memory and a positive faith.

Your Mental Development Coach Always Answers Your Questions

Determining your level, the challenges you will face in the process of focus and self-control, the motivation to stick to the program… The help of an expert is very important in this process.

At the end of the 7-day training, 32% of the participants scored above 90 points for high focus, imagery and suggestibility. In the 14-day training, this rate is 56%. When you reach this level, the secret lock of your self-control and subconscious abilities is broken.

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Real Feedback From Our Clients

I couldn't get rid of my smoking habit for 30 years and I had heart surgery for blocked arteries. But with the Deep Focus system, I started to abhor smoking in a short time. At the same time, I feel more peaceful and calm. I'm not angry like I used to be. The power of the Deep Focus system is amazing.



I was in a big breakdown and depression, I was constantly taking panic attack pills and wanted to die. After 20 days of intensive work with Deeop Focus, I feel great. Although it was difficult at first, I soon got used to it and realized what focus really is.

Amine M


I have used Deep Focus for many different issues such as losing weight, creating guided dreams and happy memories, living with more discipline and willpower, and I have seen great positive effects every time. The important thing is to repeat it regularly. If you allow your brain to do its job and follow the suggestions without questioning them, the secret formula will start working in a short time.


Business Owner

What can you accomplish with Deep Focus DNAT?

With the innovative “Neuro Acustic Trans” (DNAT) technique developed by Deepfocus Technology, you can achieve various levels of success, from beginner to advanced.

Success Rates: 

With DEEP FOCUS’s “Neuro Acustic Trans,” approximately 15% of people inherently possess the ability to reach the sixth level very quickly. The remaining group can reach the 6th level with much repetition, long sessions, and perseverance, depending on their talent. However, for about 20% of the participants, significant progress has not been observed despite long efforts. 

What levels can you achieve during the training?

Level 1

Coping with stress, achieving a peaceful and happy state of mind.

Level 2

Overcoming bad habits and phobias

Level 3

This revised sentence captures the essence of enhancing physical abilities and athletic performance while also emphasizing the importance of mental agility and concentration.

Level 4

Developing self-confidence, positive thinking, discipline, and interpersonal skills. Improving creativity, genius, focus, high memory, and attention development (Master Level)

Level 5

Experiencing directed dreams, highly realistic imaginations, and memories for amazing experiences. (For wonderful feelings and experiences, being rich, famous, beautiful, and lucky is not necessary)

Level 6

Developing parapsychological new abilities (clairvoyance, future prediction, sixth sense). (Promising scientific experiments have been conducted in many universities, but it is still experimental) (Ultra Level)

Choose The Best Pricing Plan

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Basic Plan


Premium Plan



Join the tests and try our short demo apps. If even limited and demo products are useful for you, feel free to subscribe to our products. Because you have a huge potential.


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